Project Stand - Faces of Rape & Sexual Abuse Survivors

Meet the survivors and read how each one of these courageous men and women have overcome the pain and suffering of sexual abuse. Let their stories touch you and be a catalyst for healing in your life.

Yvonne Maes
64, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Anna Welch
30, New York, NY

Laura Vogl
24, graduate student, New York, NY

Sheree Cleland
25, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sharon Franck
24, New York, NY

Dee Ann Miller
Council Bluffs, IA

DeAngela O'Neal
36, Omaha, NE

Beth Gamble
43, Tucson, AZ

Karen Coleman
46, Yonkers, NY

Lorrie Ann Valencia
33, Ladonia, TX

Danielle Rodriguez
25,Los Angeles, CA

Doretha Chambers
42, Omaha, NE

Dionne Coleman
28, Indiana

Jessica Sears
26, New York, NY

Dee Babcock
70, Winnebago,

Josephine Frescas Salinas
51, Oxnard, CA

KayLisha Taylor
14, Omaha, NE

Linda Jarmon
56, Oxnard, CA

Susan K. Spies
Red Oak, IA

Shannon Lambert
22, Beresford, SD

Arthur Austin
53, Braintree, MA

Debbie Wheeler
42, Omaha, NE

Kim Ellis
30, Tucson, AZ

Christine Napolitano
19, Bronx, NY

Sasha Walters
27, Chicago, IL

Phil Saviano
50, Boston, MA

Elisabeth Kidder
21,Cohasset, MA

Chris Stark
32, St. Paul, MN, 2001-7-25

David Newson
43, Omaha, NE, 2002-5-21

Kate Taylor
36, Denver, Colorado, 2002

Patricia W Francisco
Chicago, IL, 2002-5-30

Kailua, Hawaii, 2003-5-28