Project Stand - Faces of Rape & Sexual Abuse Survivors

My project, “STAND”, reveals the inner strength of women and men who have been put to the ultimate trial of their lives. Despite being victimized, many are determined to make it through. Most, including me, are still in the healing process. Survivors may never overcome the violent event completely, but life goes on. We have to move on.

By sharing my journey through this project, I hope that a victim will know there is hope in her or his future, a survivor will no longer feel guilty or ashamed, someone vulnerable will become a little cautious around herself or himself not to be the next victim, and a potential assailant will notice that a victim can be someone he loves, such as his daughter, wife, sister, or mother.

In order for this project to continue to touch lives, I need your financial support. Funding for my project consists of private donations, grants, foundations, special event fund raisers, and fees for service from lectures and exhibitions. All financial and in-kind support is used directly for costs associated with the project, and is greatly appreciated. All donations should be addressed to me. Please submit grant or foundation applications, or suggestions for other sources of funding, to my public relations manager or to me.

Thank you in advance for your support.